Spring Fall FF Training Series

Please be certain to review and complete the mandatory forms to the right.

Course Prerequisites

ICS 100 & ICS 700 – Copy of Certificate must be provided
Courage To Be Safe must also be done online.

Student Prerequisites for admission into course

1 IFSTA Essentials of Firefighting and Fire Department Operations, 7th edition.

1 set of accountability of tags.

1 signed training authorization form (students ages 16 & 17 must have parent or legal guardians sign form as well) with proof of fit test and physical.

Signed candidate agreement.

1 complete set of turnout gear. 

1 approved SCBA with spare cylinder.

1 personal utility / life safety rope. 

Students must also be physically capable of wearing SCBA and possess current medical clearance and a current FIT test for SCBA use. Students not possessing this prerequisite will not be allowed to participate for their own safety.

Designed for

Fire Service Personnel

Course Length

54 Units

Special Notes for Student Attire – NO EXCEPTIONS Allowed

No shorts, open toed shoes, sleeveless t-shirts and no body piercings for hands on evolutions – applies to all students.

Special Notes for Out of County Students

Due to escalating operational costs, all out of county candidates will be asked to donate $50 for Cortland County funded drink jug, notebook and consumables.

Check should be made payable to Cortland County RTC and mailed to Cortland County RTC, Attention Deputy Fire Coordinator Courtney Metcalf, 999 State Route 13, Cortland, NY 13045

Special Note for High School Students

Due to the demands of the program it is strongly advised that all prospective students whom are involved in school activities I.E. sports, drama and music programs sign up for another boot camp at a later date. Students are not allowed to miss any classroom or practical skills sessions and the program does not allow for make-up sessions.   

Special Program Cost for all Students

It has also has become a standing practice that the candidate’s department purchase them a commemorative graduation job shirt for the cost of $120. An invoice will be mailed to each fire department.


Firefighter Boot Camp introduces firefighting concepts, practices and techniques necessary for success within the fire service. Based on the Firefighter Level I objectives from NFPA Standard 1001, these courses develop knowledge, skills and abilities based on performance criteria for the following topics: fire department organization, firefighter safety, fire behavior, personal protective equipment, self-contained breathing apparatus, fire extinguishers, building searches, forcible entry, ground ladders, ventilation, hose practices, fire streams, and loss control. 

The extended, 54 unit 170 hour long, mentally taxing training program is designed to enhance the recruit firefighter’s knowledge, skills and abilities through the inclusion of the NYS Office of Fire Prevention and Control's Truck Company Operations, Firefighter Survival: Self Rescue, Courage to be Safe, NFA Calling the Mayday and AHA CPR-D run concurrently with the FFI program. All students whom successfully complete the program will receive NYS certification for the aforementioned courses.