Coordinated Children's Services Initiative (CCSI)

Family at Home

Coordinated Children's Services Initiative (CCSI)

CCSI works to ensure that families are supported in staying together and that children with emotional and behavioral challenges remain at home and in their communities. CCSI in an innovative approach to working with families who need the help of a variety of service systems.

CCSI brings families and service providers in their community together to create a coordinated, comprehensive and strength-based family plan that utilizes multiple systems.

Mission Statement

To provide families and children experiencing multiple and complex needs with a strength based, community system of care that exists to improve the well being of youth and families in their homes, their schools, and their community.



CCSI meetings are the most important part of the process. CCSI meetings are family friendly and strength focused. A CCSI Facilitator will direct the meeting. The Facilitator will encourage you and others to describe strengths, special interests, and accomplishments of the family.

Identify Needs

The next step in the process is to identify the family’s needs. After needs are identified, the Facilitator will encourage everyone present to help create a plan to best meet those needs. After the meeting, everyone in attendance will receive a copy of the family plan developed at the meeting.

Plan Development

After the plan is in place, a CCSI member will check with you to see if the plan meets your needs or if another meeting is necessary. CCSI’s involvement is usually brief, lasting about three months. You are encouraged to return to CCSI if you feel we would be of service to your family.

Parent Partners

Each child and family working with CCSI will have a parent partner. The parent partner of the child and family works with the family to identify strengths, needs, and concerns of the family to bring to the Wraparound meeting.

Support & Advice

In addition, the parent partner is available to provide some immediate support and advice to families as difficult situations or dilemmas arise. The parent partner sets up a Wraparound meeting by inviting all of the service providers that are essential to the family and their needs.

A date, time, and place are arranged at the convenience of the family. The parent partner then accompanies the family to the Wraparound to provide support, answer questions, and ensure that the family’s strengths are recognized, and that their needs, and concerns are addressed.


The parent partner hands out evaluations at the end of the Wraparound meeting and ensures that all participates at the wraparound meeting are provided with a copy of the final action plan and safety plan developed during the Wraparound.

"Nobody's family can hang out the sign, "Nothing the matter here."
-Chinese proverb

For additional information or questions regarding the CCSI Initiative please contact CCSI Coordinator, Jordan Perkins at 607-428-5487.
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