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Put Us to Work for You

  • Trying to find your first job?
  • Relocating?
  • Returning to work?
  • Looking for a more challenging position?

Searching for Employment

Cortland Works Career Center is a resource for our entire community. Maybe you have a job but want to look for a better one. Do you think you need more skills to get a better job? Have you been laid off and have no idea what to do next? Do you need to call employers but don't have a phone?

Applying for Jobs

Need a resume? Need to make 12 copies of your resume? Want to fax an application to an employer? Need a stamp to mail one? Want to read the local paper's want ads? Want to list your resume on the internet? Want to take an assessment test to find your best vocational match? Want to read books about a career field you are interested in? Are you a new Veteran and wondering what services are available to you?

Under 24 years old? Looking for Career Help?

Maybe you are under 24 years old and need help with career exploration or have some barriers that are preventing you from getting the jobs you want. Perhaps you want to prepare your own resume but don't have a computer. Maybe you want someone to prepare one for you.

We can help you with your employment needs. We are many agencies under one roof. We are your local American Job Center Network Certified One Stop. Knock on our door first.