County Clerk

Clerk of the Corporation

The County Clerk's Office is the official repository of all records created within the County such as Local Laws, certain resolutions, insurance policies, and county foreclosures. The County Clerk is the "Keeper of the Seal" and must place the seal on all official and financial indebtedness of the county.


The County Clerk's Office is one of the oldest offices in the state and carries with it a number of responsibilities.


Services provided by Cortland County Clerk's Office include:

  • Civil Actions
  • Criminal Actions
  • Judgments
  • Small Claims Assessment Review
  • Mortgages/Deeds
  • Notaries
  • Passports
  • DBA (Doing Business as)
  • IRS Small Business Tax and Resource Center
  • UCC (Uniform Commercial Code)
  • Pistol Permits

Online Records Search

Visit the Online Records site to view and print Cortland County documents online, at no fee. If you have trouble viewing this website, please phone IQS, 1-800-320-2617 for assistance.

Please note: Photocopies made in the County Clerk's office are $.65 per page with a $1.30 minimum (rate set by NYS).

E-Recording & E-Filing

Please review for our Fee Schedule (PDF).

Helpful Documents