How to Use a Voting Machine

The Ballot

As the sample below shows, a ballot is just a simple chart. The first row indicates the offices that are up for election. The first column indicates the political parties. Candidates' names appear in the boxes that correspond to their party affiliation and the office they are running for. In this example, John Smith is running for State Senator as a Democrat. Jane Jones is his Republican opponent.

Sample Ballot

Offices Governor State Senate
State Assembly County Legislator
Republican Candidate Jane Jones Candidate Candidate
Democrat Candidate John Smith Candidate Candidate

The Voting Booth

Voting Booths may look like complicated machines, but they are actually very easy to use. Here are the five easy steps to using a voting booth:

Step 1: Sign In

When you arrive at your polling place, sign in at the front table. After signing in you are given a paper ballot, which you then take to a privacy booth to fill out. You indicate your choices by filling in ovals.

Step 2: Enter the Privacy Booth 

Select your canidates by filling in the ovals with the marking pen provided.  Proceed to the optical scanner to cast your ballot.

Voting Machines for Cortland County

To vote an optical scan ballot is very simple.  A ballot marking device will also be available to help voters with disabilities prepare a ballot in private. You then take the ballot and insert it in the optical scanner to cast your vote.

Step:4 Using Write-In Ballots

For those who wish to vote for a candidate who doesn't appear on the ballot, there are write-in boxes at the bottom of the offices columns.

Step 5: You Have Finished Voting