Resume Writing

What is a resume?

Besides being an accurate record of your work history and skills and traits you possess, your resume is a marketing tool that will tell an employer why he or she would want to hire you. Think of it as an advertisement for you.

Concise & Easy to Read

You need to get across all your important skills and work history in a concise, attractive, easy to read format. Remember that prospective employers are sometimes scanning hundreds of resumes. You need to get your point across.

Resume Styles

There are many different styles of resumes, and depending on your history, or lack of solid history, different formats can be used. We have programs on our resource room computers that can assist you in writing your own resume, or you may make an appointment with a staff member who will help you create a suitable resume.

Anyone can create a resume using this Resume Template (PDF). For tips on resume writing, visit:

Remember that it pays to customize your resume for the job you are applying to. Some people have two or more resumes, one for applying for a job in retail, one for manufacturing and one for maybe office work. You need to focus your resume on what the prospective employer will need or want to know.

The cover letter you send with your resume is important too. Use it to say the things that don’t fit into a resume. Check out this site for additional help with cover letters.

Whether you create your resume at home or in our center, we have quality resume paper and envelopes to assist you in your job hunt and we will even stamp and mail them for you.