Marathon Area Volunteer Ambulance Corps, Inc.

"Excellence in Emergency Medical Services"


Marathon Area Volunteer Ambulance Corps, Inc. (MAVAC) was founded January 1, 2000 to provide ambulance service to the residents of the greater Marathon area. For over fifty years, the Marathon Fire Department Emergency Squad operated as an all-volunteer agency. In 2000, MAVAC was created when the ambulance service separated from the fire department to form a not-for-profit organization that could bill for patient services.
The back of a Marathon ambulance.


MAVAC’s mission is to furnish those in need of its services with quality pre-hospital care consistent with the highest standards of emergency medical treatment.

Services Provided

MAVAC provides ALS and BLS ambulance service to the residents of Marathon, Lapeer, Freetown and Lisle, as well as mutual aid to a number of neighboring districts. MAVAC is comprised of both paid and volunteer Paramedics, EMT-CCs, EMTs and CPR/PAD certified drivers. MAVAC has a full array of both BLS and ALS equipment on both of its ambulances. Each MAVAC member is provided with a pager.
An ambulance leaving a garage.

Roles & Responsibilities

MAVAC consists of both full and part-time employees as well as numerous volunteers who assume a variety of roles within the organization. Currently, MAVAC has full-time and part-time ALS providers who staff the ambulance 16 hours per day Monday through Friday and 12 hours per day Saturday through Sunday. The ALS staff also provides paid-on-call coverage during overnight shifts. Volunteer EMTs each cover one 12-hour shift per week.
Our MAVAC ambulance drivers are all volunteers who each cover a 6 or 12-hour shift per week. Several local businesses in the community allow their employees to leave work in order to serve as daytime ambulance drivers.

Over the past three years, MAVAC has averaged 450-500 emergency calls annually and has provided increasing ALS mutual aid assistance to its neighboring districts.

Meetings / Training

MAVAC holds monthly membership meetings and training updates and an installation banquet each February. MAVAC provides its members with all of the necessary training , equipment and medical exams at no cost to the individual. MAVAC is cited by REMAC as a model for the formation of volunteer ambulance corps in NYS.


MAVAC welcomes individuals who are interested in becoming a member of the organization. Men and women who are at least 16 years of age and reside in one of the communities that MAVAC serves are invited to join MAVAC as a driver, EMT or both.

In addition, our membership incentive program provides MAVAC members with a number of benefits in recognition of the time these individuals devote to volunteering to serve the community’s EMS needs.

These benefits include
  • Blauer EMS jackets
  • Free Pagers and Portable Radios
  • Free Uniforms
  • Travel Funds to Attend EMS Training
Four members of the  Marathon Area Volunteer Ambulance Corps, Inc. standing next to an ambulance

Contact Information

If you are interested in joining please contact MAVAC at:
Marathon Area Volunteer Ambulance Corps, Inc.
2 Peck Street
PO 132
Marathon, NY 13803
Phone: (607) 849-6157
Fax: (607) 849-3263