Personnel/Civil Service Department

The Cortland County Personnel/Civil Service Department has the responsibility for administering the provisions of Civil Service Law and the Civil Service Rules for the County and all civil divisions within the County, including the City of Cortland, fifteen towns, three villages, seven school districts and more. 

Refer to Cortland County Civil Service Rules for additional details.

Personnel Responsibilities

The Cortland County Personnel/Civil Service Department serves as the central personnel agency for all positions covered by Civil Service including, but not limited to:
  • Approval/disapproval of applications for vacancies and Civil Service examination
  • Employee roster
  • Maintenance of eligible lists
  • Payroll certifications
  • Recruitment
The Department administers and monitors all Civil Service examinations for the County and all civil divisions with the County.

Additional Responsibilities

Additional responsibilities include:
  • Administering personnel policies including affirmative action
  • Administering various employee benefit programs including health
  • Assisting in worker's compensation (including 207C determination)
  • Deferred compensation plan and retirement
  • Dental and vision insurance
  • EAP
  • Family/medical leave
  • Handling grievances and arbitrations
  • Interpreting and administering provisions of the labor agreements
  • Labor contract negotiations
  • Labor relations
  • Maintaining employees' annual leave accruals
  • New employee orientation
  • Processing of payroll
  • Sexual harassment and workplace violence
  • Unemployment claims