Proposed Projects

If you have a proposed project that is partially, or wholly within the County Highway Right of Way (normally 49’ - 6" wide and centered on the roadway), you must first obtain a Section 136 Permit signed by the County Highway Superintendent. Typical activities that require Section 136 permit issuance are as follows:
  • Public or Private Utility installation or maintenance.
  • New or existing driveway construction, reconstruction, paving or culvert work.
  • New Public or Private Roads intersecting any County Highway.
  • Installation of signs.
  • Installation of fences or any other items that are deemed to be an obstruction, or a hazard to vehicular traffic.
  • Any modification of County Highway ditches, swales, curbing, culvert pipes, drop inlets, or other drainage structures.

In-House Work

Cortland County Highway performs a large share of work in-house, including surveying, engineering, road and bridge reconstruction, road patching, signing, striping, ditching, cutting trees and brush, grading, roadside mowing, and guide rail installation. Work by contract includes in-place recycling, paving, base stabilization, asphalt milling, trenched under drain and all federally-funded road and bridge projects.


The County Highway Engineering Division prepares county road and bridge construction plans and provides information on right of way, mapping and negotiations with property owners. Upon request, the engineering division provides engineering advice and assistance to the fifteen town and three village highway departments within the county.

Federal Aid

The engineering division is charged with administering the locally administered Federal Aid Program for roads and bridges. The engineering department also inspects County roads, culverts and facilities. NYSDOT performs all publicly-owned Bridge inspections.

The engineering division, maintains all engineering-related data and records such as road surface scores, culvert conditions, bridge inspection records, right of way maps and deeds, roadside hazards, guide rail, road striping data, and Section 136 Permits.