Children's Camp - Facility Operator Information

Children Day camps and overnight camps are regulated via inspections and plan reviews. Key emphasis is on supervision, health and safety issues. There are approximately 10 permitted facilities.

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Annual Documents

  1. 2017 Camp Aquatic Director (PDF)
  2. 2017 Camp Trip Swimming Safety Certification (PDF)
  3. 2017 CPR Certifications (PDF)
  4. 2017 CPR Level 3 & 4 Certifications (PDF)
  5. 2017 Supervision Level 3 Fact Sheet (PDF)
  6. 2016 EpiPen Certification (PDF)
  7. 2017 First Aid Certification (PDF)
  8. 2017 Learn to Swim Programs (PDF)
  9. 2017 Lifeguard Certifications (PDF)
  10. 2017 Progressive Swimming Instructor (PDF)
  11. 2017 Swimming Pool Operator (PDF)
  12. Appendix E General Activity Worksheet (PDF)
  13. Appendix F Sports (PDF)
  14. Appendix G Swimming (PDF)
  15. Appendix H Camp Trip Swimming (PDF)
  16. Appendix I Boating (PDF)
  17. Appendix J Archery (PDF)
  18. Appendix K Riflery (PDF)
  19. Appendix L Horseback Riding (PDF)
  20. Appendix M Rope or Challenge Courses (PDF)
  21. Appendix N Camp Trips (PDF)
  22. Appendix O Spray Ground Facility Operation and Maintenance (PDF)
  23. Aquatic Director Requirement Effective 2012 (PDF)
  24. Bed Separation Slides (PDF)
  25. Buddy Board System for Swimming Areas (PDF)
  26. Child Abuse and Maltreatment Suspected - Camp Directors Mandated Reporters (PDF)
  27. Child Safety Act - 1392-a (PDF)
  28. Department of Health 367 (PDF)
  29. Department of Health 367-Addendum (PDF)
  30. Department of Health 61 - Abuse Report Form (PDF)
  31. Department of Health 61 - Fire Report Form (PDF)
  32. Department of Health 61 - Rabies Exposure Form (PDF)
  33. Department of Health 61a - Injury Report (PDF)
  34. Department of Health 61b - Illness Outbreak Report (PDF)
  35. Department of Health 61e - Ephinephrine Admin Report (PDF)
  36. Department of Health 61h - Multiple Victim Injury Report Form (PDF)
  37. Epinephrine Auto-Injector Device Law for Children's Camps (PDF)
  38. Epinephrine Auto-Injector Use by Children's Camps (PDF)
  39. Fight the Bite - Insect Repellants (PDF)
  40. Frequently Asked Questions_Campers with Disabilities 01-11-17
  41. General Guidelines for Management of Bats (PDF)
  42. General Safety Tips for PaintBall (PDF)
  43. H1N1 Flu Guidance (PDF)
  44. Helmet Information Pamphlet (PDF)
  45. Illness Outbreaks - Procedure for Handling Out Breaks at Camp (PDF)
  46. LDSS-3770 - Database Check (PDF)
  47. Lyme Disease - How to Remove the Tick (PDF)
  48. New York State Fecal Incident Response In Pools Fact Sheet (PDF)
  49. New York State Immunization Requirements 10-2016 (PDF)
  50. Prospective Camp Director Statement DOH-2271 (PDF)
  51. Required Reporting Poster (PDF)
  52. Requirements for a Permit to Operate a Children's Camp (PDF)
  53. Requirements for Children's Camps in NYS (PDF)
  54. Safety Plan (PDF)
  55. Safety Plan Addendum
  56. Sex Offender Registry Search Procecure for Children's Camps (PDF)
  57. Sunscreen Use at Children's Camp 2012 (PDF)
  58. Sunscreen Use New York State Education Department Memo 2012 (PDF)
  59. Tick and Insect Repellants (PDF)
  60. Universal Application Form- Department of Health 3915 Application for Permit to Operate (PDF)
  61. Vaccine Preventable Disease Camp Operator Letter 2011 (PDF)
  62. Vaccine Preventable Disease Camp Procedure 2011 (PDF)
  63. Vaccine Preventable Disease Letter Attachments (PDF)
  64. Water Supply Seasonal Start-Up Certification
  65. Water Supply Start-Up Procedures for New York State Children's Camps (PDF)
  66. Wilderness Swimming Guidance (PDF)
  67. Wilderness Swimming Site Field Assessment Tool (PDF)