Cancer Services Program

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Cancer Services Program of Cortland & Tompkins Counties

Our mission is to reach all uninsured/under-insured residents in Cortland and Tompkins Counties (who qualify) to provide free breast, cervical and colorectal cancer screenings to reduce cancer rates in our counties.
  1. Activities / Events

    Learn about upcoming activities and events from the Cortland and Tompkins Counties Cancer Services Program.

  2. Eligibility Requirements

    The Cancer Services Program Partnership is a New York State Department of Health (NYSDOH) program that works with contract administrators, and with doctors, nurses and other health care providers to offer free, age-appropriate, risk-based screening for breast cancer, cervical (opening of the womb) cancer, and colorectal (the colon and rectum) cancer.

  3. Forms

    Find an eligibility and consent form for the Cancer Services Program.

  4. Join Our Partnership

    We would like to recruit more community members to the partnership. The Partnership meetings are a wonderful way to generate ideas and activities that may work to reach some of the population that is the hardest to reach and the most in need of the Cancer Services Program.

  5. Links

    Find links to cancer organization website including Susan G. Komen, American Cancer Society, New York State Department of Health, and Centers for Disease Control.

  6. Services Covered

    The Cancer Services Program of Cortland and Tompkins Counties cover cervical and breast screenings, colorectal screenings, breast diagnostics, cervical diagnostics, colorectal diagnostics, along with other things.