Traveling Tots

Image of  various sizes of car seats

More than 90% of child safety seats are used improperly. Our certified child safety seat technicians will teach you how to use the proper seat for maximum safety and will show you how to install it in your car. Traveling Tots has child safety seats available to accommodate children from 5 - 100 pounds.

Find out more about what seats are best for your children:

Ultimate Car Seat Guide (Safe Kids Worldwide)

Find the Right Car Seat (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration)

New York State Safety Restraints


Seats are available to low-income families with proof of WIC or Medicaid. 


No seats are provided without an appointment and instructions on how to use and install seats properly.

Please call 607-758-5509 for an appointment or questions.

Traveling Tots is funded through the Governor's Traffic Safety Committee with funding from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.