Fire Officer I

Course Prerequisites

Firefighter I or equivalent

Student Prerequisites for admission into course

1. The book IFSTA Fire and Emergency Services Company Officer (5th edition) must be purchased for the class. (See Mandatory Items to the right of this box for a link to one vendor.)

2. The student must have access to a laptop or tablet to bring to each session of the class. Students will be required to enroll in IFSTA Resource 1 for additional class information, activities, quizzes and tests.

3. A complete Course syllabus will be provided at the first "introduction" class which indicates all the expectations of the student.


Designed for

Fire Service Personnel

Course Length

21 Units – 63 Hours

This is the first course in the Fire Officer series, addressing the job performance requirements found in Chapter 4 of  NFPA 1021, Standard for Fire Officer Professional Qualifications. Topics include assuming the role of company officer, fire department organization, leadership, supervision, fire department communications, the company officer’s role in safety, size-up, strategy & tactics for engine and truck companies; single company operations, error management and human factors, implementing the life safety initiatives, group dynamics, pre-incident planning, fire inspection practices, information management, budgets, company level training, community relations and customer service, labor relations, and strategy & tactics for multiple company operations.