Child Care Assistance Program

The Child Care Assistance Program for Cortland County serves income eligible Cortland County residents. These may include families:
• Who are working and earn less than 200% of the state income      
• On Temporary Assistance and who are working or involved in a work
• In receipt of Child Protective or Preventive Services as part of a
  therapeutic service plan.

Assistance is based primarily on the income of working families and the child's age, which can be up to the 13 years old. Eligibility criteria also includes the hours the parent is involved in work, or in an approved training or educational program. Depending upon their income and family size, families may be responsible for cost sharing referred to as a "parent fee."

Contact Us

Child Care

(607) 753-5230

To apply for Child Care Assistance in Cortland County: 

  • You must complete all sections of the application and submit it to our office. You can contact our office at (607) 753-5230 for more information.  Application forms may be picked up in our office from 8:30 to 4:30, Monday through Friday, or printed though the following links:

                     •  New York State Application for Child Care Assistance (OCFS-6025)
                     •  How to Complete the Application for Child Care Assistance (OCFS-6026)
Once an eligibility decision is made, you will be notified by mail regarding your eligibility for Child Care Assistance and any family share fees you are responsible for paying directly to your provider. 

If you need assistance in finding a provider, you may contact:
Child Development Council
100 Grange Place, Cortland, NY 13045

For further information on finding Child Care, please visit: 

Information for Parents: 

Information for Child Care Providers: