Flood Zone Information

All municipalities in Cortland County participate in the FEMA Flood Insurance Program with the exception of the Town of Marathon. All FEMA Flood Zone information is stored here in the Planning Department in paper and electronic (GIS) format. We can interpret if your structure or property is in a flood zone, but do not have the ability to know what your rates will be. This information can be found through your lending institution.

Our GIS Data Viewer can also be used to look up if your property is in a FEMA Designated Flood Zone.  Click "Layers" then click "Flood Zone Map". 
The descriptions for the Data Viewer symbols can be found below:
A = 100 Year Flood Zone (No Base Flood Elevation Determined)
AE = 100 Year Flood Zone (Base Flood Elevation Determined)
0.2 Percent Annual Chance = 500 Year Flood Zone (this designation does not require flood insurance through the program)

Below are some documents from FEMA that may be of help:
Floodsmart Fact Sheet for Homeowners

NFIP Regulations
See screen shot of our GIS Data Viewer below: