Traffic Incident Management & Highway Safety

Course Prerequisites

TIMS - None
Highway Safety - TIMS Completion


Regional Training Center
999 State Route 13
Cortland, NY 13045

Designed for

Law, Fire  & EMS Service Personnel

Course Length
TIMS - 2 Units - 8 hours
Highway Safety - 2 Units - 8 hours
2 Courses

Traffic Incident Management (classroom portion): The Strategic Highway Research Program developed a program, by responders - for responders, with the objective that nationally, responders acquire a common set of core competencies for traffic incident management. The process of coordinating resources of several different partner agencies and private sector companies to detect, respond to and clear traffic incidents as quickly as possible to reduce the impacts of incidents on safety and congestion, while protecting the safety of on-scene responders and the traveling public. The safety of responders and motorists, quick response, and effective communications at traffic incident scenes. are highlighted.

Highway Safety for Emergency Responders (hands on portion): Students completing this course will have an awareness of the serious nature of highway crash scene and the hazards associated with them. Students will have an understanding of the four phases of traffic control that take place in the first hour. They will also possess the ability to select and place the appropriate traffic control devices for various crash sites. Other topics covered are: stopping sight distance requirements for vehicles across a broad range of speeds, how to establish various traffic control zones, where to stand and how to direct traffic.