How do I get a report amended from indicated to unfounded?
If you are have been indicated in a CPS report and you believe there was not credible evidence to support that finding, you can write to the New York State Central Registry to request that the report be amended from indicated to unfounded. The address is as follows:
New York State Department of Social Services
State Central Register
PO Box 4480
Albany, NY 12204-0480
The request should include your full name, the name(s) of the child(ren) named in the report, your address and the child(ren)’s address if different, and the New York State Registry number which can be found on the upper right hand corner of the letter notifying you of the determination of the report.
Once the State Central Registry received your request they will conduct an administrative review to determine if there was some credible evidence to support the findings. You will receive a letter from the State Central Registry of their determination. If some credible evidence is found to support the indication of the report, you can request a fair hearing which will be explained in the letter that you receive.

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