How do you decide which projects to undertake?
This process is based on "transportation need" which takes into account factors such as a poor surface condition, high accident location, a bridge deemed unsafe, roads with poor bases or inadequate drainage systems, or heavily trafficked roads.

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1. How do I reserve a pavilion at Dwyer Park?
2. How do you decide which projects to undertake?
3. What is the Highway Department's responsibilities for a dead animal in the road?
4. Why are you cutting down the trees on the side of the road/edge of my lawn?
5. Why do these roads have pot holes, cracks and a rough ride?
6. What is the Right-Of- Way on County Roads?
7. Do I need a permit to install a driveway on a County Road?
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9. What time does the pool open at Dwyer Park?
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11. Can you swim in the Lake at Dwyer Park?
12. How do I rent the Main Pavilion at Dwyer Park?