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Accountability Tag Request Form

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  6. Accountability Tag Certification
  7. By submitting this form you acknowledge and understand the provisions of the Accountability Tag Program.
    The coordinators office reserves the right to ask for supporting documentation for any request. State training records may be checked to verify applicable course requirements have in fact been met. By submitting this form the chief of the department is in agreement that all the requirements for the levels are current and up to date. It is the departments Chief's responsibility to revoke and return any tag of any member in their department that no longer meets the requirements of the level (examples would include the firefighters failure to get a fit test or physical as required). Tags should be reviewed by the department's Chief at least on an annual basis and updated requests be sent to this office. New tags will be given to the chief of the department for issue to the member. By submitting the request and issuing the tag the chief is acknowledging an understanding and compliance with the program. Any questions should be submitted in writing to the Fire Coordinator for clarification.
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