December 7, 2005

11:05:31 AM

Revised: January 20, 2012





Purpose 3 Guideline 4

I. Appointments 5

Full-time appointments 5

Part-time appointments and benefits 5

Probationary Period 5

Promotions 6

Secondary Employment 6

II. Compensation 6

Annual Salary 6-7

Longevity 7

Health, Dental and Vision Insurance 8-9

Health Insurance in Retirement 9-10

Retirement 10

Social Security 10

Short and Long Term Disability Insurance 10

Worker’s Compensation 10-11

Employee Assistance Program 11

Defense and Indemnification 11

Deferred Compensation Plan (457c) 11

Tuition Reimbursement .11

Employees Savings Plans 12

Travel for County Business 12

Civil Service Exam Fees 12

Safety Equipment 12

III. Attendance and Leave Benefits 12-13

Office Hours 13

Base Work Day/Work Week 13

Emergency Management Responsibilities 13

Holidays 13-14

Annual Leave 14-15

Sick Leave 15

Emergency Sick Pool 16

Family Sick Leave 16-17

Personal Leave 17

Family and Medical Leave 17

Leaves of Absence 18

Bereavement Leave 18-19

Jury Duty 19

Military Leave 19


IV. Reasonable Suspicion Alcohol and Controlled Substance Policy 19

V. Personal Appearance 19

VI. Employee Evaluations 20

VII. Equal Employment Opportunity 20

VIII. Code of Ethics 20

IX. Questions of Intent or Application of this Policy 20


The purpose of this policy manual is to provide Department Heads, Management employees, and Management/Confidential employees with a reference for the basic terms and conditions of employment with Cortland County.


The County Legislature is committed to providing a high quality of services to the citizens of Cortland County. The administrative employees of the County are one of the essential elements required to fulfill this commitment. Through their leadership and professionalism, the Board’s philosophy and policy is manifested in the efficient and effective operation of the County departments.


The County Legislature values the dedication and service of its administrative employees. The policy and the provisions contained herein establish and provide the terms and conditions of employment for Department Heads, Management, and Management/Confidential personnel in the employment of Cortland County Government. This policy statement is intended to provide those employees with a better understanding of the privileges and responsibilities of their positions and to assist in the mission of the professional delivery of services in Cortland County.



The term "Administrative employee" is used in this policy manual to refers to all employees who occupy positions that are exempt from the bargaining unit under the Taylor Law. For the purposes of this manual, we have defined the administrative employees by using four major categories, which are explained below. Policies or benefits that apply to all employees have been referred to as applying to Administrative employees or employees covered by this policy. Specific benefits or responsibilities that pertain to specific groups of employees, for example, Department Heads, have been noted as such.


The following guidelines apply to this policy:


1. Department Heads - Employees who are recommended by the County Administrator for appointment by the County Legislature. Department Heads function in the primary leadership position in the department and are directly responsible for the development of departmental policies and the implementation of legislative initiatives. The County Administrator will complete an annual performance evaluation on department heads based on legislative policies.


2. Management Employees - Employees who are appointed by the Department Head to positions authorized by the County Legislature. Management employees have significant managerial responsibility in the areas of supervision and policy formation.


3. Management/Confidential - Employees who perform support functions for management positions and/or other assignments, which require them to be unrepresented by collective bargaining agreements.


4. Elected Officials - Employees who are elected by popular vote. Due to their unique status, Elected officials are exempt from leave and attendance requirements and are therefore ineligible for any fringe benefits related thereto. They are also exempt from the probation period.


Positions within each category are included in Attachment A.



I. Appointments


126. Full-Time Appointments


Department Heads, Management employees, and Management/ Confidential employees are for fixed or continuing terms.


Fixed Term Appointments - Certain appointments are for a pre-established number of years as prescribed by the N.Y.S. Constitution, State and County Law, General Municipal Law, and Local Law or Rule. Included in this category are appointments which are made for the "Term of the Board", which is two years.


Continuous Term Appointment - The remainder of appointments are continuous are, in most instances afforded Civil Service Status and Protection, and are renewed contingent on satisfactory performance and authorization by the County Legislature and/or the County Administrator or Department Head. This group includes administrative employees who are appointed "at the pleasure of" the County Legislature or the Department Head, within the confines of Civil Service. Information regarding the type of appointment is provided to candidates during the recruitment and selection process. Questions concerning the term of appointment may be directed to the Personnel Department.


2. Part-time Appointments and Benefits


In certain cases, the County Legislature may establish part-time and/or temporary appointments to accommodate unique situations. Employees appointed to part-time positions and who work less than the standard work week, shall receive the approved salary for the position and the statutory benefits referenced herein, including Retirement (if eligible), Unemployment Insurance, Social Security, Worker’s Compensation and Health, Dental and Vision Insurance. There shall be no earned leave benefits unless said part-time appointment consists of a regular schedule equal to or greater than one-half (1/2) of the standard work week for the position. In this case, leave benefits shall be prorated.


Fringe benefits shall be limited to the above-referenced items unless otherwise approved by the County Legislature.


3. Probationary Period


Employees in the classified service are subject to a probationary period in accordance with Cortland County Civil Service Rules. (Rule Change pending) The classified service includes the Competitive, Non-Competitive, Exempt, and Labor classes of Civil Service. Employees who have been promoted to a position in the classified service are also subject to a probationary period.


Employees in the unclassified service or elected classification are not subject to a probationary period.



4. Promotions


Administrative positions are critical to the efficient and effective operation of County government. It is the policy of Cortland County to seek professionals with the qualifications and experience necessary to fulfill this goal. Emphasis will be placed on recruitment of current employees who possess the qualifications, experience, and employment history necessary for the quality operation of the department. Employees who are promoted or working out-of-title shall be placed at the minimum of the new grade unless the current hourly rate is above the minimum, in which case, they will be placed in the Step immediately above their current hourly rate. No one shall exceed the top of the range for the new grade. Out-of-title shall be defined as duties and responsibilities assigned beyond that of an employee’s regular position for a period greater than five consecutive business days due to an absence, exclusive of annual leave.


5. Secondary Employment


Employees covered by this policy understand and agree that their employment with the County is of basic and primary importance, and that secondary employment must not inhibit or impede the efficient and effective performance of their job duties, responsibilities, or attendance; nor shall it impair their judgement in the exercising of their official duties. Department Heads, Deputy Department Heads and Division Heads engaged in secondary employment will notify the County Administrator’s Office of the details of their employment.


Certain positions covered by this manual also have a prohibition on secondary employment embodied in New York State statute or local rule.


II. Compensation


1. Annual Salary


Cortland County maintains a competitive salary structure and benefit package for administrative employees.


A six step increment system (equal to a 4% increase between two year steps) shall be implemented fitting each employee into the proper grade and step in accordance with the MSD Study and length of service in an employee’s title on January 1, 2005. All employees covered by this policy manual are placed in the graded salary schedule which has been adopted by the County Legislature. This graded salary schedule shall receive an annual salary review during budget deliberations by the Personnel Committee of the Legislature and by the Personnel Director and County Administrator and shall be adjusted annually, as deemed appropriate. Following this review, the County Legislature will review the recommendations of the Personnel Committee along with recommendations of the County Administrator and the Personnel Director. At the conclusion of this review, a total compensation plan, including any cost of living adjustment, shall be submitted to the County Legislature for approval.


Employees not at the job rate of the grade shall move to the next step upon the completion of 2, 4, 6, 8, or 10 years in the title upon their anniversary in that position. No employee may exceed the job rate of the grade.


Employees shall begin employment at the Step 1 for the grade unless the Personnel Committee determines that the need for the services or the employee’s experience require that compensation be fixed at a higher Step.


2. Longevity


Employees, with the exception of the District Attorney, who have been continuously employed with the County on a full-time basis or part-time employees regularly scheduled to work equal to or greater than one-half (1/2) the standard work week for the position, shall receive a non-cumulative annual longevity incentive upon completion of continuous County service in accordance with the schedule listed below.


Full Time Part-Time


Completion of 15th Year $ 1,500 $ 750 Completion of 20th Year $ 2,000 $1,000

Completion of 25th Year $ 2,500 $1,250

Completion of 30th Year $ 3,000 $1,500

Completion of 35th Year $ 3,500 $1,750


For the purposes of this program, continuous service shall be defined as no break in employment that exceeds one (1) year unless said break in service is the result of personal illness, accident, military service or layoff.


Employees who are less than full time shall receive a pro-rated value of the full-time equivalent of the scheduled full-time hours. Employees who move from less than half-time to half-time or more will receive service credit for longevity purposes from the initial part time date of hire as long as the service is continuous.

If an employee has been on full pay status for less than eleven (11) working days of the calendar month, longevity will not be credited for that calendar month.

Longevity payments shall be made by the County in one lump sum payment in a separate paycheck to the employee in the payroll period after the employee’s anniversary date.


Only regularly scheduled employees who are on the County payroll at the time of longevity payment will be entitled to the longevity benefit. Employees who retire prior to the longevity payment will receive a prorated amount at the time of retirement based on their date of retirement.








3. Health, Dental, and Vision Insurance


Health Insurance:


Cortland County provides group health, hospitalization, major medical insurance, and prescription drug coverage through a self insured Participating Provider Network (PPN) for all full time and part-time employees covered by this policy and their eligible dependents. Effective January 1, 2006, both the full and part-time employee share of this coverage shall be fifteen percent (15%) of the monthly premium, plus any applicable co-payments and deductibles. Effective January 1, 2007, both the full and part-time employee share of this coverage shall be twenty percent (20%). The County’s Health Benefits Program is fully described in the Plan Booklet.


Prescription Drug Coverage:


The County Health Insurance Plan includes a three (3)-tier formulary plan for prescription drugs. Each employee who participates will contribute $5.00 co-pay for generic prescriptions, $10.00 co-pay for brand name prescriptions and $25.00 co-pay for non-formulary prescriptions.


Employees may utilize the multi-month maintenance medication program for prescriptions and pay one co-pay for three month supply. Prescriptions for maintenance drugs filled at a retail pharmacy will require one co-pay for each one-month supply.


Employees shall be required to fill all prescriptions with the generic brand when available. Should the employee voluntarily elect not to fill with the generic brand, the employee will be responsible for the cost between the generic and the drug selected (name brand or formulary), plus the co-pay for the name brand or formulary. In the event that the employee cannot take a generic drug due to a medical reason determined by the prescribing medical provider, the employee will not be required to pay the difference between the generic drug and the drug selected. The co-pay will be required for either the name brand or formulary.


Employee contributions / Eligibility:


Employee contributions for the health insurance premium shall be deducted in equal amounts from each bi-weekly paycheck. Coverage for new employees hired prior to the 16th of the month shall become effective on the first of the following month. Coverage for new employees hired on or after the 16th of the month shall become effective on the first day of the second month following employment (e.g. date of hire of May 17 would result in coverage effective July 1).


Enrollment in the health insurance plan shall take effect as described herein or during the open enrollment period held at six (6) month intervals.







B. Dental Insurance:


The County provides a self insured dental plan for full-time and part-time employees. Employees shall be responsible for 50% of the monthly premium equivalent, if coverage is elected. Dependent coverage is available at 100% of the cost of the monthly premium equivalent.


C. Vision Insurance:


The County provides a self insured vision plan for full-time and part-time employees. Employees shall be responsible for 50% of the monthly premium equivalent, if coverage is elected. Dependent coverage is available at 100% of the cost of the monthly premium equivalent.


The Employer provides the I.R.S. Section 125 spending account plan for employee contributions toward Health, Dental, Vision and other authorized and applicable health care related costs, and authorized and eligible day care expenses. The plan is administered by a Third Party Administrator and conforms with I.R.S. regulations.


211. Health Insurance coverage upon retirement


Employees shall be eligible to continue health coverage for themselves and any eligible dependents in retirement, provided they have met the following requirements:


a. completion of a minimum of ten years of service (Employees hired on or after January 1, 2005 shall require ten (10) years continuous service) with Cortland County during which the employee was eligible to receive Health Insurance; and

b. are employed by Cortland County at the time of retirement; and

are enrolled in the health plan at the time of retirement; and

provide the Employer with proof of retirement and otherwise meet the definition of retirement as specified by the NYS Retirement System.

Be at least 55 years old;


The Retiree’s share of Health Insurance costs shall be as follows:


Employees who retire and were hired prior to January 1, 2006:

Employee Share County Share

10% 90%

Employees hired on or after January 1, 2006:

Employee Share County Share

10 years service but less than 15 years 50% 50%

15 years service but less than 20 years 35% 65%

20 years service or more 20% 80%


For All Retirees: Upon qualification for Medicare Part B, all retirees must enroll and provide the Medicare Part B required information to the Personnel Department.


The spouse of a deceased retired employee may continue to participate in the County’s Health Plan upon payment of 100% of the monthly premium equivalent.


5. Retirement


The County participates in the New York State Employee’s Retirement System with all rights and benefits presently provided by the Career Retirement Plan under Section 75i and 14b of the Retirement and Social Security Law. All permanent, full-time employees are enrolled in the New York State and Local Retirement System. A Retirement System booklet is provided at orientation. This booklet provides all basic information on the Retirement System benefits. Due to changing legislation and regulations, you should check with the N.Y.S. and Local Retirement System directly to obtain information regarding your benefits.


In addition, Cortland County offers the following Retirement Enhancements:

* May not apply to 14b members


306. Section 41(j) - the application of unused sick leave accruals towards additional service credit upon retirement


307. Section 41(k) - military service credit buy back.


308. Section 60(b) - Minimum Death Benefit of up to three times the employee’s annual rate of pay depending on length of service of employee at time of death and retirement tier.


6. Social Security


Social Security provides income protection when an employee’s earnings either cease or are reduced as a result of retirement, disability, or death. Social Security benefits are based on the employee’s salary history up to the maximum Social Security taxable wage base. Each payroll period, payroll deductions made by the employee are matched by Cortland County to provide this benefit. Complete information is available from the Social Security Office.


7. Life Insurance and Long-term Disability Insurance


The County participates in, through payroll deduction, both Life Insurance and Disability Insurance through the New York State Association of Counties. Both programs are voluntary, with the full premium paid by the employee.


8. Worker’s Compensation


Employees who suffer an injury or illness which is directly related to their employment shall be eligible for Worker’s Compensation Benefits amounting to a maximum of two-thirds of an employee’s salary, depending on the degree of injury. Employees must file the required report form immediately following the job related accident.



9. Employee Assistance Program


The County will provide an Employee Assistance Program through a qualified provider of the County’s choice. Employees will be responsible for any co-payments applicable to the services provided. All records of the Employee Assistance Program are confidential between the employee and the provider. The fact that an employee utilizes such assistance shall not impact promotional opportunities or job security.


10. Defense and Indemnification


The County of Cortland shall provide for the defense and indemnification of employees covered by this policy for actions or omissions made in the ordinary course of their employment in accordance with the procedures and policy outlined in Local Law # 3 of 2004. Employees requesting assistance under this section are advised to make a written request to their Department Head or County Administrator within three (3) business days of their receipt of any summons, complaint, process, notice, demand, or pleading that may require defense and indemnification coverage.


11. Deferred Compensation Plan (457c)


A Deferred Compensation Plan is a voluntary savings program created by federal and state law that enables public employees to save a portion of their gross pay before federal, state, and local income taxes are deducted. Currently, Cortland County participates in the NYS Deferred Compensation Program administered by the National Retirement Solutions. The amount deferred accumulates tax free until the funds plus earnings are distributed, generally after retirement. Information regarding the complete details of the Deferred Compensation Program and payroll deduction forms are available in the Personnel Department.


12. Tuition Reimbursement


Employees covered by this policy are eligible for tuition, books and fees reimbursement for job related/advancement courses at the undergraduate and graduate level, subject to the approval of the Department Head and the oversight Committee. Reimbursement will be made at the four-year SUNY undergraduate or graduate rate, as applicable for approved courses upon receipt of satisfactory completion of the course. Employees who withdraw from a course after the deadline date for withdrawal without penalty may be required to reimburse the County for the cost of the course. The County will not duplicate reimbursement from any other source. Course requests are available in the Personnel Office.


An employee who resigns from County employment, excluding for reasons of disability, death or an event beyond the control of the employee, and has received tuition reimbursement shall be required to refund the County according to the following schedule:

# of Months Since % Refund

Course Completion Due the County

0 - 12 100

13 - 24 50

25 - 36 25

In the event an employee fails to make such refund by the resignation date, the employee shall forfeit payment of accrued vacation and compensatory time, not to exceed monies owed. Any remaining balance shall be deducted from the employee's final paycheck.


Professional development requests will be reviewed as part of the annual County budget process subject to procedures developed by the County Administrator.


13. Employees’ Savings Plans


A number of different options are available for ordinary savings through payroll deductions. Employees may enroll for U.S. Savings Bonds through authorized payroll deductions by contacting the Treasurer’s Office. Should an employee desire to use the direct deposit payroll option, the County’s bank will transfer funds to the employees savings or checking account. The Credit Union will also provide savings accounts through authorized payroll deduction.


14. Travel for County Business


Employees covered by this policy will be reimbursed for necessary and reasonable expenses incurred in the performance of County business in accordance with separate policy and upon submission of an approved claim form. Generally, mileage will be reimbursed at the rate in cents per mile that is allowed by the IRS.


Travel authorization and conference attendance shall be required in all cases involving out of County and overnight travel. Travel authorization shall be submitted on the approved form in writing to the County Administrator no later than seven (7) days prior to the first date of travel.


Civil Service Exam Fees


Cortland County Managers and Administrators taking civil service examinations for Cortland County positions shall pay only the fee assessed the County by the New York State Municipal Service Division.


Safety Equipment


The County will, at its cost through reimbursement, provide managerial-level employees with necessary safety equipment and/or uniforms to carry out job duties. Requests for reimbursement will be processed by voucher submitted to the County Auditor.


III. Attendance and Leave Benefits


1. Office Hours


County Offices shall be open for the conduct of business and convenience of the public in strict accordance with the hours prescribed by the Cortland County Legislature and in accordance with existing State and County regulations.

(Generally, 8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. or 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.)



2. Base Work Day/Work Week


Department Heads and Management employees are responsible for performing the duties of their office. The work day is determined by the tasks to be performed. The work week shall be a minimum of 35 hours per week or 40 hours per week, depending on the position. Department Heads and Management employees are not eligible for overtime compensation or compensatory time except as provided by the County Administrator.


Management/Confidential employees are required to work the hours and schedule determined by the Department Head. Designated Management/Confidential employees may receive overtime compensation subject to budgeted appropriations and approval of the Department Head and the County Administrator. Employees in this class may accrue compensatory time provided they have received prior approval from the Department Head. Compensatory time may be accumulated as follows:

For a thirty-five (35) hour regular workweek, a maximum of thirty-five (35) hours may be accumulated on leave accruals at one time;

For a forty (40) hour regular workweek, a maximum of forty (40) hours may be accumulated on leave accruals at one time.

Once the maximum accumulation of compensatory time is attained, overtime shall be paid.


C. All employees covered by this policy, except elected officials, are required to complete time and attendance forms in accordance with County policy.


3. Emergency Management Responsibilities


It shall be the responsibility of all employees covered by this policy to report for duty at times and places designated by the Chairman of the Board or County Administrator, or their designee, when a natural disaster or emergency has occurred. Designated radio and television station(s) shall be considered as carrying official information. A designated phone number and County website will also be accessible.


4. Holidays


Employees covered by this policy who, in the judgment of the Department Head, can be spared without interfering with the operation of the department, will be allowed time off with pay to observe the following holidays, provided such employee shall have worked the work day immediately preceding such holiday and provided such employee works the work day immediately following such holiday unless the employee is using paid benefit time, other than sick time, for which prior approval has been given. Employees who are required to work on a holiday will receive equal time off in lieu of the holiday.


New Year’s Day Columbus Day

Martin Luther King’s Birthday Veterans Day

Presidents’ Day Thanksgiving Day

Memorial Day Day after Thanksgiving Day

Independence Day Christmas Eve Labor Day Christmas Day


An annual holiday calendar will be issued by the Personnel Department designating when holidays will be observed.


In addition, employees on payroll prior to July 1st of any year will receive one (1) floating holiday.


If an employee is absent from work due to illness on either the last regularly scheduled work day prior to the holiday or the first regularly scheduled work day following the holiday, he/she shall forfeit being paid for the holiday unless the absence is verified by a medical provider's statement, if requested by the Department Head, Personnel Director or County Administrator.


5. Annual Leave


A. Annual Leave will be earned and credited monthly. New employees must start on or before the 15th of a month to receive annual leave credit for that month. On the first of January of each year of employment and every year of full-time continuous service thereafter, annual leave will be credited as follows:



Years of Credit

Days of Vacation Accrued Monthly

Maximum Days Earned Annually

At Least


1 month



2 years



3 years



4 years



5 years



6 years



7 years



8 years



9 years



10 years



11 years



15 years



18 years



20 or more years




For the first January 1 of employment, the employee shall be credited with two years of service credit for vacation. Each January 1 thereafter, the employee shall be credited with an additional year of service.



Part-time employees regularly scheduled to work greater than half the Full Time Equivalent will receive a pro-rated value of annual leave.


Employees shall not accrue vacation leave for any period during which they are off the payroll for more than half of the working days per month.


B. Department Heads and Management Employees may carry a maximum balance of 50 days of accumulated annual leave credit.


C. Management/Confidential employees may carry 50 days of accumulated annual leave.


D. Upon the termination of an employee, either by resignation or retirement, and when at least two weeks notice is given by such employee of his intended termination, any unused annual leave credits are to be compensated at the employee’s regular rate of pay. Employees will receive a lump sum payment during the last payroll period for accumulated annual leave credits.


E. Employees shall submit requests for approval of use of annual leave to their Department Head. Department Heads shall notify the County Administrator, in writing, of their intent to use consecutive days of annual leave, at least one (1) week in advance of the intended leave date, unless or except in special circumstances. Department Heads shall notify the County Administrator when expecting to not report for work for the day. In no event shall a Department Head and second in command take their annual leave at the same time unless approved by the County Administrator, Legislative Chairperson and Committee Chairperson of oversight Committee.


F. Annual Leave shall be used in minimum increments of fifteen (15) minutes.


6. Sick Leave


Absence from duty by an employee of Cortland County by reason of the employee’s own sickness, disability, or medical/dental appointments or that of their immediate family, shall be allowed as provided in this section. Absence from duty for such reasons, if duly granted by the Department Head, shall be considered and known as "sick leave".


A. Sick leave shall be credited at the rate of one and one-half (1½) days per month. Half-time employees shall earn a pro-rated amount of sick leave. Employees shall be charged sick leave time for actual hours used, in a minimum increment of fifteen (15) minutes. Sick leave credits will be earned when an employee is on full and active pay status for fifty percent (50%) of the working days in the calendar month. Days during which an employee is out on Worker’s Compensation, in excess of 20 days are not considered to be days on full pay status for purposes of earning sick leave.


B. An employee who is absent on sick leave shall report his absence, and reason therefore, to his supervisor at the earliest possible time but no later than 9:30 a.m.


C. Sick leave shall be granted by the Department Head. Department Heads who are absent under the provisions of this section shall notify the County Administrator if the absence is anticipated to be of an extended nature and/or will interfere with departmental operations.


D. After 3 consecutive days of illness or after 12 cumulative days of illness during a 12 month period, a medical certificate may be required. When a pattern of abuse of sick leave is suspected, the department head may, upon advance notice, require an employee to provide proof of illness at any other time. The department head also may require the employee to be examined, at the County’s expense, by a physician designated by the County Administrator.


E. Employees may utilize sick leave during the statutory waiting period while under Workers’ Compensation.


Employees may accumulate unused sick leave up to a maximum of 200 days.


An employee who is employed for a full calendar year and who does not use any sick leave during a calendar year shall accrue an extra day of annual leave.


At the time of retirement, employees shall use the first 165 unused sick leave days as extra pension credit in accordance with the rules established by the New York State Employees Retirement System. Employees may convert up to 35 unused sick leave days in excess of the 165 on a two-for-one basis not to exceed $1,750 to pay for the employee’s portion of retiree health insurance.


7. Emergency Pool


In conformance with the rules, the Personnel Officer is authorized to permit the use of hours in the pool by any current County employee who qualifies and makes a request for such hours based on a personal or family emergency. All decisions by the Personnel Officer shall be final and binding.


8. Family Sick Leave


An employee shall be allowed to use up to a maximum of thirty-five (35) hours [for a seven hour per day employee] or forty (40) hours [for an eight hour per day employee] of accumulated sick leave per calendar year for absence from work necessitated by illness of the employee's parent (including stepparents and foster parents), spouse, child (including stepchild and foster child), sibling (including step sibling), grandparent, grandchild, parent-in-law, son/daughter-in-law or other person who is a member of the household. The Department Head may request written documentation from the employee to verify residency of other household members.


Effective July 1, 2008, each employee may use up to an additional thirty (30) days of sick leave for a family event which is Family Medical Leave qualified. The additional leave is not applicable for an intermittent FMLA request.




9. Personal Leave


YYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY. Personal leave with pay shall be granted for religious observance or personal business.


LLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL. Effective January 1st of each year, employees shall be credited with four days of personal leave. Employees who work at least half time shall receive prorated personal leave. Employees hired after January 1 or terminating service before December 31st shall receive a prorated share of personal leave credit.


SSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS. Whenever possible, a request for personal leave should be submitted to the department head or their designee forty-eight (48) hours prior to the requested date. Department Heads shall notify the County Administrator’s Office of instances where a Department Head will not be reporting for work for the day.


ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ. Personal leave may be granted only with the approval of the department head. Unused personal leave time shall be carried over at the end of the year credited as accumulated sick leave.


10. Family Medical Leave


An eligible employee shall be granted Family Medical Leave in satisfaction of the Federal Family Medical Leave Act not to exceed a total of twelve work weeks during any twelve month period for the following:


QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ. Because of the birth of a son or daughter of the employee in order to care for such son or daughter;

RRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR. Because of the placement of a son or daughter with the employee for adoption or foster care;

SSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS. In order to care for the spouse, son, daughter, or parent of the employee, if such spouse, son, daughter, or parent has a serious health condition;

TTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT. Because of a serious health condition that makes the employee unable to perform the functions of the position of such employee;


An eligible employee shall be required to use accrued paid vacation or personal leave for instances provided under subparagraphs 1 or 2 above. An eligible employee shall be required to use accrued paid vacation leave, personal leave, sick leave or family sick leave for leave provided under paragraph 3 or 4 above for any part of the twelve week period of such leave.


The County shall maintain coverage for health insurance to an employee on leave pursuant to this section for the duration of the twelve week period, and under the conditions coverage would have been provided if the employee had continued in employment continuously for the duration of such leave. The County may recover the premium that the County paid for maintaining coverage for the employee under such group health plan during any period of unpaid leave if the employee fails to return from leave after the twelve week period except if the employee fails to return because of the continuation, recurrence, or onset of a serious health condition that entitles the employee to leave under subparagraph 1 or 2 above or, other circumstances beyond the control of the employee.



Nothing contained in this provision shall otherwise limit the obligations of the employer or the employee under the provisions of the family leave act.


11. Leaves of Absence


A. A leave of absence without pay of up to one year may be granted to employees covered by this policy. A written request for a leave of absence must be submitted to the County Administrator (for Department Heads) or to the Department Head (for Management and Management/ Confidential employees) at least four (4) weeks prior to the requested date of leave stating the reason for the leave and the anticipated duration of the leave. Department Heads will confer with the County Administrator and the Personnel Director prior to granting a leave to Management and Management/Confidential employees.


B. A leave of absence shall not be granted to accept other employment.


C. No leave shall be authorized which may exceed the remaining period of a term appointment.


D. Not less than thirty (30) days prior to the expiration of an employee's leave, the employee shall be required to submit written notification to the County Administrator or Department Head of their intention to return to work.


E. When an employee is on a leave of absence for one-half of a month or longer, sick leave, longevity and vacation will be pro-rated to reflect the leave. Employees on an unpaid leave of absence will be required to contribute the full cost of health insurance and any other paid fringe benefits for the period beyond three (3) months, except as otherwise provided by law or rule.


12. Bereavement Leave


In the event of the death of an employee's parent (including stepparents and foster parents), spouse, child (including stepchild and foster child), sibling (including step sibling), grandparent, grandchild, parent-in-law, or other person who is a member of the household (the Department Head may request written documentation from the employee to verify residency of other household members), the employee shall be excused from work, if the employee was scheduled to work, with pay at his/her request, for up to four (4) days. One (1) day of the four (4) may be retained for later interment.


The use of up to four (4) days referred to in "A" are to be used within thirty (30) days of the employee’s receipt of notification of a qualifying death. The requested bereavement days must be used consecutively and cannot be spread over a 30-day period. Employees may still retain one (1) day for interment. Where special circumstances exist which prohibits use with in the 30-day period, a request may be made to the County Personnel Officer for other accommodations. The Personnel Officer shall have sole authority to grant an exception.


In the event of the death of any relative not outlined in Section 1 of this Article, the employee shall be excused from work at his/her request on the day of the funeral utilizing accrued personal leave, vacation leave, floating holiday or comp time.


Employees covered by this Agreement who are less than full-time shall receive a pro-rated value of the full-time equivalent of the scheduled full-time hours.


13. Jury Duty


Upon receipt of proof of the necessity of jury services or appearance as a witness to subpoena or other order of the court (for job related actions only), employees shall be granted leave with pay to provide time as needed for such service. Any compensation received, less expenses, for said service shall be returned to the County Treasurer within five (5) working days from the time it is received by the employee. An employee, who is dismissed for the day or from service within two (2) hours or more remaining in his/her regular scheduled work day is required to report to work.


14. Military Leave


Employees serving as a member of an organized militia or any reserve force or reserve component of the Armed Forces of the United States are entitled to paid leave not to exceed thirty (30) calendar days or twenty-two (22) work days, which ever occurs first, in accordance with Section 242 of Military Law. Requests for military leave should be presented to the Department Head or County Administrator as soon as possible upon receipt of orders.




IV. Reasonable Suspicion Alcohol and Controlled Substance Policy


Cortland County intends to maintain a drug and alcohol free workplace and, as such, has adopted procedures for conducting screenings of all employees for the use of illegal drugs and improper use of prescription drugs and alcohol based upon reasonable suspicion.


V. Personal Appearance of Employees


It is important that all County employees project a professional image to the patients, clients and/or members of the general public with whom they interact. Employees are expected to dress in a manner appropriate to their working environment and to the type of work performed. Employees who are required to wear uniforms and safety equipment are expected to wear them in their entirety.


VI. Employee Evaluations


With the exception of Elected Officials, all employees under this policy shall receive an annual performance appraisal 60 days prior to their anniversary date in accordance with adopted Legislative Policy.




VII. Equal Employment Opportunity


It is the policy of Cortland County to provide equal opportunity in employment for all qualified persons; to prohibit unlawful discrimination in employment; and to promote the full realization of equal opportunity on a continuing basis through a realistic Affirmative Action Plan.


This Policy of Equal Employment Opportunity:


Applies to all persons without regard to race, color, creed, national origin, age (18-70), sex, disability, religion, marital status, political affiliation, or criminal record.


Applies to all County organizational departments and governs all County employment practices, policies, and actions.


Provides that no local practice, or procedure or policy exists which serves to diminish or negate such equal opportunity.


All Department Heads, Management, and Management/Confidential employees are expected to comply with this policy directive and to insure equal opportunity in all Human Resources practices within their individual departments.


VIII. Code of Ethics


Employees shall be bound by Section 806 of the General Municipal Law and Resolution of the County Legislature adopting a Code of Ethics. Employees shall behave in the highest moral and ethical conduct in accordance with State and County Law. A copy of the County’s Code of Ethics is provided upon hire.


IX. Questions of Intent or Application of this Policy

Questions regarding the intent of proper application of any provision of this policy shall be directed to the Director of Personnel. The Director of Personnel shall meet with the County Administrator and Chairman of the Legislature to determine the proper course of action to take on any question.







Amend Management/Management

Confidential Compensation Policy

Grade and Step Schedule for 2012


WHEREAS, the Cortland County Legislature adopted a local law on November 14, 2011 entitled A Local Law to Adopt the County of Cortland Employment Policy Manual for Department Heads, Management Employees, Management/Confidential Employees and a Grade and Step plan for employees falling under the plan, AND

WHEREAS, the County Administrator is recommending that the 2012 Grade and Step Plan be adjusted and established to incorporate a 1.5% cost of living adjustment, effective January1, 2012 in accordance with the attached schedule, AND

WHEREAS, the County Administrator is also recommending a 1.5% cost of living adjustment for employees who are off scale, NOW THRERFORE BE IT

RESOLVED, that the Cortland County Legislature hereby authorizes and directs a 1.5% cost of living adjustment for those employees who are off scale and be incorporated into the Management/Management Confidential Compensation Employment Policy 2012 Grade and Step plan for employees falling under the plan effective January 1, 2012 in accordance with the following schedule.


1.5% Increase










hire rate

2 year

4 year

6 year

8 year

10 year














































































Management Confidential











































Grade 1

Public Defender

County Attorney

Commissioner of Social Services

Director of Information Technology

Public Health Director


Director, Comm. Mental Health Services

Grade 2

Supt. Highways


Grade 3


Personnel Officer

Grade 4

Probation Director II

County Auditor

Deputy Highway Supt.

Deputy Public Health Director

Director of Planning

County Clerk

Asst. District Attorney

Asst. Public Defender

Asst. County Attorney

Social Services Attorney


Deputy Director of Information Technology

Grade 5

Director, Agency on Aging

Director, Real Property 1

Grant Administrator

Director of Clinical Operations

Grade 6


Director Hospice


Director of Social Services

Director of Administrative Services

Clinical Dir of MH Programs


Grade 7

Bldg. & Gr.



Medical Director

Medical Advisor

Grade 8

Deputy Personnel Officer


Fiscal Manager


Public Health Program Manager

Grade 9

Emp. & Training Director

Family Support Services Director


Nutrition Program Director










Grade 10

Director Fire & Emergency Management


Fiscal Officer

Clerk –Legislature


Dir. of Veterans’ Services Agency


Dir. of Weights and Measurers

Grade 11

Deputy County Clerk

Motor Vehicle Director

Asst. Director Fire & Emergency Management


Safety Officer


County Treasurer

Fiscal Officer Trainee




Grade 1



Secretary I

Secretary to County Attorney


Election Clerk

Grade 2


Secretary II

Secretary to Co. Administrator



Secretary to County Administration

Secretary to the Commissioner of Social Services

Grade 3


Sr. Election Clerk

Secretary to Sheriff

Secretary to D. A.

Grade 4


Personnel Tech. Trainee


Payroll Coordinator

Grade 5

Audit/Accounts Payable Specialist


Personnel Technician


Date: 1-1-12