Civil & Criminal Actions & Judgments


An order from the Supreme Court of New York County (Index #452328/2016) has been filed in all New York State County Clerk's Offices by the Attorney General's Office, that vacates certain Default Judgments filed by Leucadia National Corp, L-Credit, LLC, LR Credit LLC, and LR Credit 1-23 LLC. 

If you have a certain judgment against you, filed by one of the entities listed above, please contact your County Clerk's Office.

Civil Actions

The County Clerk processes all civil Supreme Court actions in Cortland County. To initiate a civil action or proceeding, an index number must be purchased from the Clerk's Office for a fee of $210.  
Most civil action files can be viewed by the public, with the exception of sealed files, confidential files and matrimonial proceedings (which can only be viewed by the involved parties and attorneys of record). Publicly accessible civil actions and proceedings may be viewed on line from 1994 through present day.

The Cortland County Clerk's office encourages individuals to visit the New York State Unified Court System site, to find various court related forms and instructions, as the County Clerk's office is not permitted to provide legal advice.

Criminal Actions

The County Clerk processes all felony criminal court cases commenced in Cortland County Court. Because of the confidential nature of information contained in these files, Criminal files are not open to the public.

A search of the criminal files may be requested. The fee for each name for each two year period is $5. It may take up to 24 hours for the County Clerk's Office to conduct and prepare results of each search.


Judgments are court-ordered obligations that are rendered by the Supreme or County Court or come into the County Clerk's Office from City or Town Courts as well as other Counties. All judgments from 1994 forward are on the County Clerk’s public computer terminals and online.