Foster Home Re-Certification Procedures

Completion of Process

Due to the implementation of the Connections Computer System throughout New York State, Re-certification procedures are becoming very strict. In fact, not completing all parts of re-certifications will result is the foster home automatically closing on Connections. This means that you will not be paid for the children in your homes. One of the most often missed parts of re-certification process is the physical exam.

Making Things Easier

To make things easier for all, the following procedure has been designed. Please understand that DSS will be initiating all parts of the re-certification however, some paperwork will be completed by the foster parents. For example, foster parents will complete the physical form and foster parent agreement.

Foster Home Re-Certification Procedures

Step One

Three months prior to the certificate expiration date.

Seed package will include:
  • Cover letter
  • Two foster parent agreements
  • Financial forms
  • Medical Forms
Schedule home visit.

Step Two

During the home visit:
  • Complete Home Study form
  • Complete Fire Safety form
  • Collect and review Financial Information form
  • Collect two copies of the Foster Parent Agreement signed by both parents
  • Find out when physicals are scheduled. If not already, then ask to call when they have been scheduled.

Step Three

Within one week following the home visit:
  • Home study will be entered in Connections
  • When all paperwork has been submitted and home study is in Connections, the re-certification should be submitted to supervisor for approval
  • Foster Parent Agreements will be processed
  • Follow-up letter will be sent to the foster parents, indicating what, if any documents, are missing in their re-certification package.

Step Four

On the 25th of each month, all re-certification packages will be submitted to the supervisor for approval, along with the re-certification log.

Step Five

If packages are missing documents, bi-weekly letters will be sent to the foster parents reminding them that documents must be submitted to the department in order to complete their re-certification.

Step Six

This process must be completed prior to the expiration of the correct certification.