Real Property Tax Services

Please note that this office does not set or approve assessments, collect property taxes or keep records of tax bills or receipts.  For those topics, please click the links below:


Delinquent Property Taxes

Tax Records/Receipts

The Real Property Tax Services Department of Cortland County is here to serve you, ready to answer your questions and address your concerns.  Our staff has a broad range of knowledge and experience, and we are pleased to share with you the many resources our department offers.

Some of the specific services we provide are:

  • Property assessments, inventory, maps and assessment roll information.
  • Image Mate online subscription services.
  • Investigations of tax bill errors and recommendations for corrections.
  • Training of Boards of Assessment Review members, and other municipal officials.
  • Training, advisement and assistance to local assessors in the preparation and maintenance of their assessment rolls and inventory files. As well as deeds, tax maps and additional documents relating to real property assessment and taxation. 
  • Apportion the County tax levy and prepare the annual tax rate schedule for 15 towns, one city and 3 villages within the County. 
  • Work closely with 13 school districts for school tax bills.
  • Coordinate the maintenance of computer files for the various assessing jurisdictions as well as produce assessment rolls, tax rolls and tax bills for the towns, school districts and villages.
  • Create and maintain special districts and keying unpaid taxes for re-levy.

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