Youth Board


  • Douglas Bentley
  • Reed Cleland
  • Anya Confer
  • Michael Eastman
  • Mindy Gardner
  • Karlee Houck
  • Sean Main
  • Anthony Perioli
  • Shannon Phillips
  • Patricia Schaap
  • Richard Stock
  • Jennifer Sylstra


It is with great pride that we list the members of our Youth Board. You may know many of them from one of the many other areas in which these individuals are employed by and/or affiliated with a number of other Human Services agencies or groups. It is through the efforts of individuals such as these, who have chosen to be proactive participants in identifying issues which present themselves within our community. You may also know many of these individuals through their participation in other organizations and events that showcase the positive elements of our community as well!

Our many thanks to them and many others who have demonstrated their commitment to doing their part in maintaining the integrity of our community!

"It takes a village to raise a child." - Author Unknown


Third Wednesday of every month. 3 pm-4:30 pm

Cortland County Office Building Room 117

Virtual attendance is available. 

Email: for a meeting link