Posting Your Resume

Register & Post Resume

If you are registered at our center, or at any of the American Job Center One-Stop locations, you have the opportunity to have your resume posted online for our employers. Your resume, including address, telephone, and email (if available) can be posted on the internet for employers who list their jobs through the New York Job Bank. You can register yourself on this site and post your resume at the same time.

There are literally thousands of sites where you can post your resume.

Posting Your Resume with Agencies

Many companies and public agencies have the ability for you to apply for their jobs online as well. This is different than posting, as you are applying for a specific job. Posting just shows that you are looking for work and gives the ability for employers to look at you. It does not mean that all employers who are looking for people will see your resume though.

Posting online works best for people who have highly technical skills. People with specialized skills should search for sites that are particular to their skill set. Check out a site before you decide to post there. It is an opportunity to market yourself, but it should rarely be the only way you market yourself.