Tax Bills / Taxpayer Information

Tax Bills - What to Know

  • Read the tax bill, if you do not understand some part of it, contact the Tax Collector for an explanation.
  • Think about the amount of the tax bill and ask these questions: a
    • are you assessed correctly?
    • Do you qualify for Senior Citizen, STAR, Veteran’s or Enhanced STAR exemptions?
    • Your Assessor can assist you concerning these items.
  • Check the payment due dates:
    • County/Town taxes are due in January.
    • Village of Homer taxes are due in March.
    • Villages of McGraw and Marathon taxes are due in June.
    • Central School taxes are due in September.
    • Cortland City School District taxes are due in September, or in September and February if you pay in 2 installments.
    • Interest and fee information is printed on the tax bill.

Taxpayers - Help Us Help You

  • Any name or billing address changes should be handled through your city or town assessor’s office.
  • Keep water and sewer charges paid current to your town, village or city – relevy fees add significantly to your bill
  • If possible, pay village and/or school taxes directly to the collector. Relevy fees and interest are significant.
    • Unpaid returned taxes, plus interest and penalties are computed into the next County budget, which may increase your property tax.
  • Get involved with your town, city, village and school budgets. Attend the budget meetings and express your views and concerns.
  • Each property owner has conditions that affect his/her financial picture. Take a look at yours. Do you need to set up a savings account to pay your taxes? Contact your bank or credit union for advice.

Cortland County does not want you to lose your property for failure to pay your taxes. The Treasurer’s Office is willing to help taxpayers within New York State and Cortland County guidelines. However, you may need to seek professional legal advice from an attorney.