Summer Jobs

School’s Out

You can sit around and watch the clouds over head, hang with your friends or look for something to do that may make you some money and give you experience doing something different.

Proving Yourself

It would be nice if you could find a dream job doing something that you really love doing, but the reality is, most job opportunities for young people are not necessarily exciting. Sometimes you need to prove yourself doing a boring job before someone will give you a chance with a good one.

Labor Laws

Remember, depending on your age, there will be some things that you cannot do. There are laws that govern what kids under 18 are allowed to do and you should know what they are.

Trouble Finding a Job?

Ok, so you went all over, and no one is hiring you. They say you are too young or they don’t say anything at all. You put in applications and no one calls. You might want to think about making your own opportunities: babysitting, dog walking, gardening. Think about the things you can do and who might need your services. Talk to your parents. Talk to your friends.

Other Opportunities

There are also summer job opportunities available at Cortland Works Career Center through our youth programs for people who meet eligibility criteria. Want to know if you qualify? If you live in Cortland County, come in and talk to one of our youth counselors.

Paid Work Experience

If you qualify, our summer jobs program provides paid work experience at various area agencies and businesses as well as workshops and skill building experiences. We even have a celebration at the end of the summer and opportunities to earn work credentials.

Want to read about one teen’s experience looking for a job? Check out this site for some good advice on how you can make opportunities for yourself.