Grant Funded Programs for Youth

People in Household Maximum Income
One $25,520
Two $34,480
Three $43,440
Four $52,400
Five $61,360
Six $70,320
Seven $79,280
Eight $88,240
For nine or more,
add this amount
for each additional 


Labor Laws

Remember, depending on your age, there will be some things that you cannot do. There are laws that govern what kids under 18 are allowed to do and you should know what they are. 


Trouble Finding a Job?

Ok, so you went all over, and no one is hiring you. They say you are too young or they don’t say anything at all. You put in applications and no one calls. You might want to think about making your own opportunities: babysitting, dog walking, gardening. Think about the things you can do and who might need your services. Talk to your parents. Talk to your friends.