District Attorney's Office

Were you Issued a Traffic Ticket in Cortland County?  See your options below:

  • Court:  Attend court as stated on the ticket.
  • Reduction Program:  For instructions on requesting a reduction, click here.

How do I get property held by the police back?
There is a specific process to release property.  
For full instructions click here.
To obtain the Property Release Application click here.

Equipment Documents 

  • Breath Test in-Lab Certifications (along with technician tests and service authorization forms)
  • Breath Test Remote Certifications (along with remote technician test and previous weekly test information)
  • Screener Verification Document (along with service authorization form)
  • Simulator (along with service authorization form and thermometer certification)
  • Radar and Lidar Certifications (service authorization forms and frequency counter certifications must be subpoenaed for speed enforcement equipment) 

All of the above documents for agencies in your county can be viewed and downloaded, unless noted otherwise, by entering the following link in your internet browser:  


 Simulator Solution Documents 

  • Simulator solution field and calibration records
  • Simulator solution gas chromatography test data 

The above simulator solution documents can be viewed and downloaded by entering the following link in your internet browser: