How to Keep a Job

Important to Remember

Okay, so you made it. Someone hired you. Yea! You have a job. Now all you have to do is keep it. Most of the things that are important to employers are things that you have control over:
  • You can control whether you are at work on time.
  • You control whether you show up or not or when you are sick whether you call in on time.
  • You control whether you go to work dressed neatly.
  • You control whether you are polite and friendly.
These are all important to your boss.

Leaving a Job

So what if you don’t like your job and want to quit? Guess what? It does matter how you leave a job, too. Future employers will care how you left and why, and you may need a reference.

First Things First

If there is something wrong at work, maybe it can be fixed. If there is a co-worker who is making you uncomfortable, talk to your supervisor. If your hours weren’t what you expected, talk to your supervisor.

If you need to quit your job because of school or moving or some other reason that can’t be changed, always give your employer at least two weeks notice. Don’t burn bridges. If you just don’t show up for work, it makes you look irresponsible.