How to Interview

Be Prepared

So, you applied for a job and you get a call; they want to interview you.
Yikes! This can be a little scary if you don’t know how to prepare for it.

Remember, once you get called for the interview, that means they have seen your application or your resume, and on paper, you have everything you need to do that job, or they would not be calling you. So the rest is all in how you present yourself.


LiveCareer and GrooveJob have a lot of good information about preparing for an interview. Read over the suggestions. Check out our schedule for interviewing workshops. Ask a friend to practice with you.

Always remember, everything about you will matter when you go in for an interview: how you look, what you say, if you make eye contact. Even the simple act of smiling and showing good manners all matter.

Be your best. An employer knows that if you do not try to impress them before they hire you, you will never try to impress them on the job.