Fire Instructors

County Fire Instructors

New York State Fire Instructors (SFI)

The New York State Office of Fire Prevention and Control (NYS OFPC) assigns/employs six (6) certified fire instructors to deliver a multitude of nationally recognized training courses to the emergency service personnel of Cortland County.

Cortland County Fire Instructors

  • SFI 1207 Pendell
  • SFI 1209 Whitney
  • SFI 1211 Contri
  • SFI 1212 Friedman
  • SFI 1214 Pierce
  • SFI 1215 Riley
  • SFI 1216 Marshall

County Fire Instructors

To assist in the delivery of over 4000 personnel/training hours, Cortland County appoints NYS OFPC certified personnel as County Fire Instructors.
  • CFI 121K Mahlon Irish Jr.
  • CFI 1294 Carl Grantham
  • CFI 1295 Thomas Casterline
  • CFI 1280 Brandon Casterline
  • CFI 1282 Nathan Stockwin

To become a County Fire Instructor please review the 100-006 County Fire Instructor Criteria Policy.