Working within Highway Boundary

New Driveways

For any new driveway entrance proposed on a County Road , the applicant shall be responsible for purchasing any required culvert pipe and sloped end sections. The culvert pipe size, type, and length shall be as specified by the Highway Superintendent.

Culvert Pipes

The County Highway Department shall install all new driveway culvert pipes. The County Highway Department shall then be responsible for all costs associated with maintenance or replacement of the driveway culvert. The applicant shall then be responsible for all costs associated with maintenance of the driveway’s driving surface.

All new driveway entrances shall meet the requirements shown on the following drawing:

Underground Utility Lines

For any underground utility lines proposed to be placed across and under a County Highway including, but not limited to electric power, natural gas, communications, water, sanitary sewer, storm sewer, the lines shall be installed by underground Directional Boring or Mechanical "Push" methods so as not to disturb the pavement structure of the road. The installation of these types of crossings shall conform to the following drawing:

Permit for Proposed Work

To receive a permit for any proposed work, you must first submit a Section 136 Permit application form (PDF) to the County Highway Superintendent, along with any insurance certificates that may be required by the County of Cortland.

The Superintendent will then review the proposed work, and may issue a permit. After initial review, the Superintendent may require detailed plans be submitted for the proposed work prior to issuing a permit. It is the sole responsibility of the applicant to submit any plans required by the Superintendent.

The Section 136 Permit application form can be mailed to the Superintendent at the following mailing address:

Cortland County Highway Department
60 Central Avenue
Cortland, NY 13045
Attn: Section 136 Permit

If an insurance policy and certificate is required, it shall meet the following minimum requirements: