Public Defender

Mission Statement

The Cortland County Public Defender’s Office is devoted to defending our clients’ rights. Our mission is to provide zealous representation to our clients. Our office serves citizens who have the fewest resources and who face some of the greatest challenges in life. We are dedicated to supporting the community at large by giving our clients a voice; by directing our clients to local resources to address their needs; by steering our clients in a productive, law-abiding direction; and by asserting the rights protected by our Constitution. 

Core Values

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Application Process:

An application is required to request services. You can click the link below to submit online. If you print the application, it must be completed and returned to Assigned Counsel, 60 Central Avenue, Room B27, Cortland, NY 13045. 

*ALL applications are submitted to the Assigned Counsel Office before an attorney is assigned. 
For more information on Assigned Counsel you can visit their page here.

Helpful Information:


Below, are forms that you may need to fill out. You may need to bring the filled out forms to your upcoming court appearance. You may also need to bring a completed form to a treatment program or medical institution in order for information to be shared between providers and our office. If you are looking for a specific form or information packet, be sure to check the list below. If you still cannot find what you are looking for, please call our office at 607-753-5046


Below, are brochures that you may find helpful if you are required to complete a court-ordered course. These brochures provide information on courses that are available for you to take online. If you need more help finding a specific course, please call our office at 607-753-5046

Getting Processed/Fingerprinting

If you are notified that you need to get processed on your most current charge, this means that you will need to go to the Cortland County Jail to do so. The Cortland County Jail is located at 54 Greenbush Street Cortland, NY 13045 and their phone number is 607-756-4275.

Below, are the steps you can follow for assistance:
  1. Make sure the jail has the necessary paperwork on your charges; you can either call them or you can have the Public Defender's Office call and check;
  2. Go to the jail and have them take your fingerprints;
  3. Inform the Public Defender's Office once you have completed the processing.
If you have any further questions regarding this, please call the Public Defender's Office at 607-753-5046.

Drug Disposal

For information on where to dispose medications and narcotics, visit the website listed below:

Narcan Locations

For information on where Narcan, medication for opioid use disorder, and other related services can be accessed, visit the website listed below. 

Job Opportunities

  • Assistant Public Defender (Family Court)
    • For more information, visit this page.
  • Client Liaison Specialist
    • For more information, visit this page