Correctional Facility

Cortland County Jail

Facility Details

The Cortland County Correctional Facility is a 90 bed facility dedicated to providing for the safety and security of inmates committed to custody of the Sheriff of Cortland County.

Paying Bail

Bail can be paid by Credit Card at Govpaynet.

Money / Property Drop Off

  • Money: Kiosk Machine in front lobby- Accepts Cash or Credit Card during business hours.
  • Certified bank check or money order payable to Sheriff of Cortland County (May be mailed in)
  • The following items can be mailed directly to the Facility from Walmart, Amazon, or similar company whose business includes packaging / shipping items.
    • Books and Magazines
    • Educational Material
    • Religious Material
    • Small Religious Necklace with Pendant
    • Brassier-Underwire Free

Personal mail and cards must be mailed.


Record Keeping and Reporting 7076.7(b)
 (c) Each facility shall publish monthly reports on its website, with semi[1]annual and annual cumulative reports, of the total number of people who are in segregated confinement on the first day of each month. The reports shall provide a breakdown of the number of people in segregated confinement.

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