Emergency Medical Services Advisory Board

Established via Resolution No. 283-84, restructured via Resolution 196-04.  Bylaws adopted June 23, 2004 and amended 2005; terms Two-year terms.  Up to 21 members.  Membership shall consist of one representative and one alternate from each of the following agencies:

  • Transport Agencies with primary operating territory in Cortland County First Response Agencies designated by the New York State Department of Health with an agency code
  • Industrial First Response Agencies (ex-officio without vote)
  • Law Enforcement – one position representing Cortland County Law Enforcement (ex-officio without vote)
  • Hospital representative familiar with EMS
  • Cortland County Member of the Regional EMS Council (ex-officio without vote)
  • Cortland County Legislature (ex-officio without vote)
  • Cortland County Fire Coordinator

Function:  Advisory Board to Cortland County Legislature and assist other regulatory agencies in the coordination of emergency medical services programs within Cortland County, including but not limited to, utilizing, updating, and keeping current with the needs of the County and communicating with other agencies in the County.


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