Ten Essential Services

These components are necessary to fulfill the following 10 Essential Public Health Services.


Monitor health status to identify community health problems.
  • Communicable Disease Surveillance
  • Lead Screening of Young Children
  • Syndromic Surveillance
  • Access to Health Care

Diagnose & Investigate

Diagnose and investigate health problems and hazards in the community.
  • Cancer Screening
  • Food-Borne Illness
  • Policy Development
  • Screening for Sexually Transmitted Diseases
  • Screening for Tuberculosis

Inform, Educate, & Empower

Inform, educate, and empower people about health issues.
  • Car Seat Safety and Use
  • Community Collaborations
  • Healthy Heart Activities
  • Population-Wide Health Promotion
  • Tobacco Use Prevention


Mobilize community partnerships to identify and solve health problems.
  • Cancer Services Program of Cortland and Tompkins Counties
  • Dental Health access for uninsured and under-insured
  • Work-site Wellness Programs

Develop Policies & Plans

Develop Policies and Plans that Support Individual and Community Health Efforts.
  • Contact Investigations
  • Health Emergency Operations Plan
  • Partner Notification Assistance Program
  • Healthy People 2020 National Objectives


Enforce laws and regulations that protect health and ensure safety.
  • Clean Indoor Air Act
  • Lead Investigations to identify source of lead poisoning in children
  • Restaurant Inspections to ensure food safety
  • Water Quality Control


Link people to needed health services and assure the provision of health care when otherwise unavailable.
  • Child Find
  • Enrollment in Family Planning Benefit Program
  • Facilitated Enrollment for Child Health Plus and Family Health Plus
  • Immunization Clinic
  • Licensed Home Care Services
  • Sexually Transmitted Disease Clinic
  • Tuberculosis Control Program


Ensure a competent public health and personal healthcare workforce.
  • Continuing Education Through Participation in Conferences/Workshops
  • Development of Standards of Care/Practice
  • Participation in Education of Community Health Care Professionals (nurses and therapists)
  • Training and Professional Certification


Evaluate effectiveness, accessibility, and quality of personal and population-based health services.
  • Participation in the Cortland Area Communities That Care
  • Participation in Cortland Counts: An Assessment of the Health and Well-Being in Cortland County
  • Participation in the Cortland County Coalition for Long Term Care
  • Serving All Functions
  • Quality Assurance and Performance Improvement Activities


Research for new insights and innovative solutions to health problems.
  • Focus Groups to Determine Consumer Needs
  • Participation in National, State, and Local Surveys
  • Surveys - Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System (BRFSS), Youth Risk Behavior, Zap Eighth Grade Survey


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