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New York Alert

New York Alert is a website where a person can sign up to receive emergency alerts. Users choose the types of alerts they want to receive and their preferred method to receive them. For people who do not have a landline phone in their home, sign up with Cortland County Emergency Alerts using the button above for local alerts and with New York Alert for statewide alerts.

Public Health Emergency

The Public Health Emergency Preparedness website acts as a cross-governmental portal for residents in the U.S. and worldwide to obtain information from all U.S. federal agencies and their state and local partners involved in a public health emergency, medical disaster or public health aspects of a natural or man-made disaster. Find the current status and actions taken by the federal government regarding public health emergency preparedness. Links to report potential public health threats, and information about medical response, emergency support functions and medical services are also available along with public health actions taken by the federal government during domestic and international emergencies.

Prepare, Plan & Stay Informed With Ready

The Ready website describes what to do before, during, and after an emergency. Has planning ideas for individuals and businesses and how to develop a disaster kit.

Red Cross

The Red Cross gives tips on preparedness. Has a locator to help find family members in a disaster or to list yourself so that family members can find you. Lists shelters open in a disaster.

Pets Welcome

Find a list of hotels, motels, and Bed and Breakfasts that are pet-friendly on the Pets Welcome website.

Facebook Apps 

When disaster strikes, your phone can help you get information that you need to stay safe and connect with your loved ones.  Check out apps that can help you weather the storm.
What happens in an epidemic and how do we control one? Watch this video: