Traffic Safety Programs

Traffic Safety Programs page


To reduce and prevent traffic related injuries and fatalities through community educational outreach, programming and events.

Areas of Focus

  • Bicycle Safety
  • Child Passenger Safety - Traveling Tots
  • Pedestrian Safety
  • Teen and Young Adult Driver Safety


Our programming is made possible through funding by the New York State Governor's Traffic Safety Committee with a grant from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

Bicycle & Pedestrian Safety Presentations

These presentations are designed for school-aged children and teach young riders about basic bike and pedestrian safety. Demonstration is conducted to emphasize the importance of proper helmet use and is accompanied by "Eggbert." Free helmets and fittings are also available.

Tiny Town

A program aimed at teaching 3-9 year olds about various aspects of pedestrian safety. Tiny Town is an actual miniature town for the young children to walk through as they encounter: cross walks, signs and signals, moving vehicles.

Cycling Skills Clinics

Cycling Skills Clinics are designed to be a fun educational activity for Children and Adults of varying levels of bicycle riding experience and serves to:
  • Educate - Increase knowledge about traffic safety and bicycling.
  • Train - Transfer the knowledge to the practice of skills and decision-making while riding a bicycle.
  • Motivate - Energize and excite participants to want to learn more and to engage in bicycling.
The clinic consist of a series of stations that are designed to teach the participants the basics of traffic safety when bicycling as well as safe bike handling skills.

5 to Drive Activities / Alive at 25 Classes

The "5 to Drive" Activities and "Alive at 25 " program are designed for teens and young adults who are new behind the wheel. These presentations introduce students to deadly hazards of younger drivers specifically focusing on distracted driving, impaired driving and safety belt use. Students learn about the dangerous of unsafe driving behaviors through interactive activities and realistic videos. Presentations can be tailored to any group size and setting.

Alive at 25 is a state wide driver safety course. For more information visit the Alive at 25 New York website.