Search Public Records

The public records in the Cortland County Clerk's office are available free of charge, at computers available in the office, or online. 

Search Public Records
There is $0.65 per page ($1.30 minimum) to print from the public computers, in the office. 
Records Available Online
Directions and Tips for Searching

Genealogy Records

While the County Clerk’s Office does not file birth, death or current marriage records, it does work with and collects money to fund the NYS Archives.

NYS Archives has an agreement with that allows residents of NY to search family records for free. Click on the link below to get started.

  1. Elizabeth Larkin

    County Clerk
    Phone: 607-753-5021

  2. County Clerk

    Physical Address
    46 Greenbush Street, Suite 105
    Cortland, NY 13045