SCBA/Interior Firefighting Operations - Spring

Please be certain to review and complete the mandatory forms to the right.

Course Prerequisites

ICS 100 & ICS 700 – Copy of Certificate must be provided

Basic Exterior Firefighting Operations (BEFO)

Student Prerequisites for admission into course

1 IFSTA Essentials of Firefighting and Fire Department Operations, 7th edition.

1 set of accountability of tags.

1 signed training authorization form (students ages 16 & 17 must have parent or legal guardians sign form as well) with proof of fit test and physical.

Signed candidate agreement.

1 complete set of turnout gear.

1 approved SCBA with spare cylinder.

1 personal utility / life safety rope.

1 32-ounce sports drink.

Students must also be physically capable of wearing SCBA and possess current medical clearance for SCBA use. Students not possessing this prerequisite will not be allowed to participate for their own safety.

Course Length

16 Units – 49 Hours

Special Notes for Student Attire – NO EXCEPTIONS Allowed

No shorts, open toed shoes, sleeveless t-shirts and no body piercings for hands on evolutions – applies to all students.

The NYS SCBA/ Interior Firefighting Operations course is designed to prepare Basic Exterior Firefighting Operations (BEFO) Course graduates to respond to emergencies and perform as an Interior-structural firefighter. Completion of both courses is designed to accomplish the objectives of the PESH Best Practices document, NFPA 1001 and NFPA 472 and trains the entry level firefighter as an interior structural firefighter as defined by OSHA regulations 1910.156 Fire Brigade Standard, 1910.120 Emergency Response to Hazardous Materials, 1910.146 Confined Space Entry Standard (awareness level) and the 1910.147 Control of Hazardous Energy Standard.

Successful completion of this course requires that the student complete all portions of the course, pass the written testing (Unit 1 review quiz and Unit 15 final exam) with at least a 70% passing grade, correctly demonstrate all associated skills as well as attend all hands-on and testing sessions.