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Aug 15

The Importance of Public Transportation Accessibility

Posted on August 15, 2023 at 8:34 AM by Hannah Commins

Public transportation should guarantee every person the mobility they need to live their life. Access to public transportation can improve physical and mental health and health equity by increasing access to medical care, healthy food, vital services, employment, and social connections. Public Transportation in Cortland County, Cortland Transit, provides accessible transportation and services many employers, medical facilities, and grocery stores. 

Public Transit Provides Access to Health Care

According to a study by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, one in five adults without access to a vehicle or public transportation reported skipping necessary healthcare services. Cortland Transit provides service to Guthrie Cortland Regional Medical Center, Family Health Network, Cayuga Primary Care Family Medicine, Convenient Care, Asthma and Allergy Accociates and many more. 

Public Transit Provides Access to Employment

There are more opportunities for employment when public transportation is readily available, convenient and affordable. A lack of access to transportation becomes a huge employment barrier, especially for individuals who do not have access to private vehicles. Rural areas are vulnerable to facing disadvantages when it comes to employment opportunities should public transportation be less accessible. Hence, public transportation serves as a vital importance in providing access to employment. Cortland Transit services many employers in Cortland County. 

Public Transit Provides Access to Healthy Foods

A major part of a person’s ability to maintain a healthy diet is being able to access and afford quality, nutritious food. Without such access, “food deserts” can develop – neighborhoods where grocery stores are largely inaccessible due to their distance or the lack of public transportation. Cortland Transit provides service to local farmers markets, P&C Fresh, Walmart, Price Chopper, Grand Union, and Aldi. 

Public Transit Combats Social Exclusion 

Social exclusion, particularly among older adults, can negativly affect physical and mental health. In order to maintain a high standard of physical, mental and social health of an aging population, it's imperative that transport services are providing adequate access to transportation. Cortland Transit provides access to the Age Well Center, Access to Independence, YWCA, YMCA and other local organizations in Cortland County. 

All Cortland Transit buses are wheelchair accessible and can deviate within ¾ miles of the route. This is available to everyone on allroutes by notifying the driver when boarding the bus. Cortland Transit is a safe, easy and inexpensive transportation option. For more information or need assistance with how to ride the bus, navigating bus maps, bus routes or assessing your best transportation option, contact Melissa Potter, Cortland County Mobility Manager at 607-756-3416 or