How do I capture a bat in the house?
Recommendations for bat capture in a building include:

- Wear gloves and avoid direct skin contact with the bat

- Avoid damage to the bat’s head

- Confine the bat to one room (close doors and windows)

- Turn on lights if room is dark

- Wait for the bat to land

- Cover the bat with a coffee can or similar container

- Slide a piece of cardboard under the can to trap the bat

- Tape the cardboard tightly to the can

- If necessary, use a net or long pole with a piece of duct tape (sticky side out) to capture bat

- Do not use glue board to capture bat (it can not be easily removed for rabies testing)

- Immediately contact local health authority to arrange for examination of the bat (see #2)

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1. How do I capture a bat in the house?
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