Area Towns & Agencies - Villages

  1. Homer
  2. Marathon (PDF)
  3. McGraw

Cortland Works Career Center - Recruitment

  1. Labor Market Information
  2. NYS Job and Talent Bank

Cortland Works Career Center - Youth Services

  1. College Grad Resumes
  2. Tips for Finding a Job for Teens

Emergency Response & Communications Training

  1. Fire & EMS Training
  2. Regional Training Center

Environmental Health - Petroleum Bulk Storage Facility Operator

  1. Biofuels Compendium

Environmental Health - Rabies Control / Bats

  1. Catch a Bat Safely Video
  2. Bat Management (PDF)
  3. Don't Release Bats (PDF)

Environmental Health - Well Head Protection & Aquifer Monitoring

  1. Cortland Homer Preble Sole Source Aquifer
  2. U.S. Geological Survey Otter Creek Study (PDF)

How to File a Freedom of Information Request

  1. How do I file a Freedom of Information Request

Tobacco Free - College Programs

  1. Setting Up a Tobacco Free Campus

Training - FF Course

  1. Training Authorization Form

Training - ICS 300

  1. ICS 100 Independent Study

Training: Live Fire Training Facility

  1. CVFD Live Fire Training Facility Reservation Form

Visit Cortland County

  1. Experience Cortland County